We will try and write out a build timeline and get it posted here someplace. As much fun as it was just to get what photo's there are loaded, don't hold your breath on the build sheet. We will be happy to answer any questions, but to try and recall all of the build with all of the changes will take some doing. 
Ok, to answer a few questions............some of the more strange ones I'm just leave alone for now. 
The tires are either 40" LTB's or 42" Iroks, plus a set of 36x36 terra tires. The spare is a 40" Toyo. 
Winch is a 15000lb WARN
Yes, I do run half doors and window nets when required.
Yes, the driver of the Jeep (not me) was injured in the wreck. She is doing well now, but as ugly as it was, it could of been allot worse. That in no way dismisses the injuries she sustained. 
Yes, detroit lockers front and rear
It started with FOX air shocks, then changed in the middle of the build to RADFLO coilovers. 
It is not even close to done..............will it ever be ?